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The bright and truly amazing game Gardenscapes is the real treasure for everyone who loves nature and interesting puzzles. The striking world of tender flowers, massive trees, and beautiful bushes is waiting for you! Unlike most three-in-a-row games, this one is something more than just placing the same pictures together. Here you have a chance to create your own garden and take care of it. Gather various fruit trees, flowers, and other plants. The game has numerous locations to present, so the background and tasks will change all the time! If you want to make your playing experience even more amazing and effortless, try these cheat codes:
For Android devices:
ad6-9c5ee9dff65 – hints on how to pass the levels
378-81cbb4c2241 – free items
6da-bb215638eee – coins
For iOS devices:
5a1-aee48c8a8fd – hints on how to pass the levels
518-2c268d7c6d7 – free items
726-1cbce6fd766 – coins


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