Running Games

Movement is life. Motion, speed, victories and achievements are all synonyms of good old running and thanks to online games all this is just at arm’s length. To stay fit and healthy, you can get up early to do some jogging in the park, buy a treadmill or participate in city marathons. But you don’t necessarily have to do all that. In fact, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your chair at all. You can simply launch one of our amazing running games and experience all the thrill of active lifestyle right at home.

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Some games are better never be played. And if you do, you can't quit until you reach the very end… Jumanji is in danger ...
Runner games are great even despite the fact that you don’t have too much different actions to do here. You need to run ...
Now this is your chance to become a star of street sport – parkour. Here you will compete with other real players for ...
The track with obstacles must one of the most thrilling things video games can offer. Check this one and you will ...
Endless runners have that special charm. They lack diversity, but this is nothing when you have such cute heroes to ...

Run, Forest, run!

What do you need to take part in running games? Choose a theme that would better stimulate you to stay on the move. For some, the best option is some kind of a natural disaster – when you’re caught in the middle of an earthquake or there is a volcano erupting just behind your back, you hardly have time to just stand there and make selfies. Other people find it more interesting to run away from terrible monsters or, on the contrary, chase villains. It can provide you with a decent portion of adrenaline while setting some kind of a mission before you. Can you outrun an angry spirit chasing you for daring to set foot into his tomb? How about a crowd of zombies that will tear you to pieces if you slow down? Say nothing of catching criminals as a noble policeman or a superhero thus keeping your hometown safe. And some people need an element of competition, so they’d rather choose to participate in a virtual running contest. There is a great number of options for you to select from on our site!

Choose your thrill and race until you

Our running games invite you to run all day long, in any direction, mode and in all kinds of settings. You can set out on a thrilling marathon through obstacle-packed levels, race across spectacular locations collecting coins or enjoy a real adventure where you’ll meet dangerous monsters and go hunting for mystical treasures. Running can take place just about anywhere – in city streets, in a phantasy landscape or even in the open space. The goal of the gameplay can also be different. You can strive to earn a maximum number of points in the process, try to beat the time and overcome all the hindrances just before the clock makes the last strike or compete with other players for valuable prizes. There are all kinds of scenarios you can indulge in. But most importantly, you’ll get to enjoy the non-stop movement and tremendous speed! Try one of our great running games and you won’t be able to stop!