Sims Games

It is hard to name a life simulator game that is more popular and well-done than the famous series called Sims. These are the series of games for one player, when everything is possible. Becoming a master of the sims family, you have to take care of them and make sure that they are happy and feeling well. To do that, you will feed them, track their happiness level, do everything to help them get a job of their dream, create a family, have kids, etc.

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You are the one to choose the path for each of your sims, assisting these small people achieve their goals and live happily ever after. The sims are born, they live their lives, achieve success, enjoy, and then become old and die. Do everything to make your small sims pass this way happily!

Create characters and arrange their living

The games about Sims are famous for having nearly endless customization options. In the very first chapters, the players had a limited number of opportunities here. The technologies were less advanced, so you had to choose standard options for your characters. Clothes, body shape, hair, and face traits – these were the main attributes of your sims members. With time, the game developers expanded each of these sections and then they added something really stunning – emotional and psychological traits. This means that in the latest parts of the game, you are welcome to choose the temper of your sims and see how they communicate considering these special traits!

Also, not only you will have to create the family members, but also buy a house for them and organize their living. Regarding your initial amount of cash, you will choose the suitable house, fill it with furniture, and do some design. With time, you will earn more money, so take your chance and move to another house in a better district! Meet your neighbors, raise your kids up, and don’t forget to pay the bills!

Endless opportunities to enjoy

The Sims characters are fond of different activities. Some are the natural-born family men and women – they concentrate largely on their kids, relationships, hearth and home. The others are business men and entrepreneurs – they are looking for the best career options, want to earn a lot of money, and live a luxury life. Still others are real artists – they are dreamy and creative. Sims like to travel, have fun, arrange parties, flirt, communicate, and find new interesting people to talk to. Each game of the series has an expanded range of professions, destinations to follow, and opportunities to enjoy. The richness of the virtual world and realism made these titles that popular and know all over the globe! Join thousands of fans and play these amazing simulators right here and right now!