Baldi’s Basics Games

Check an amazing indie horror video games ever. This one can be called unique, strange & stylish. Educational video games we remember from old good 90s is a basis for this one, but actually this one is parody & has nothing to teach you. The main character of the game is Baldi, who requests to solve math problems and tries to stop a player running from school.

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Yay, it’s Birthday party! Guess, who is celebrating? It’s your favorite math teacher and his name is… Baldi! Are you ...
Great titles get great updates. Do you remember the strangest and the most bizarre math teacher in the world? Of course ...
Here we go, the most interesting math lessons in your life go on! Baldi is here again and he always has a plenty of ...
Hey, the adventures with Baldi never stop! He never gets tired to torture kids, so you are welcome to try another game ...
When two games become one, a real fun starts. So you have a chance to experience an incredible mixture – Baldi + ...
Do you like math? Hope you do, because Baldi expects that you can solve complicated and tricky tasks. Baldi is your new ...

However, you will have a really strong desire to run away from here, because this is a very strange place that will make your blood chill. Here teachers try to kill students just because they cannot solve some task. Initially the tasks are created strangely – solving them is absolutely impossible.

This title might be an implementation of your worst nightmares. Remember your school days? Sure, you do. If there was any teacher you have been afraid of, then you were scared that one day he or she will get so angry, that you will have to run away through the corridors of the school and hide somewhere in the bathroom. Well, the reason for your “teacher” to be angry with you is simple – you are not good enough. This must be the problem of all kids, who carry it through their entire lives. Well, if you find something familiar in this short lyrical story, then Baldi will get the highest score in your personal list of favorite horror titles. Here you are going to replay exactly the nightmare we have described above, but everything is going to be even brighter. You will receive tasks from Baldi, your math educator, however, at some point, your received task will appear to be unsolvable. Baldi doesn’t care about it and he will try to kill you for being a bad mathematician. So run if you want to survive! Due to the graphics, the events will look even more crazy and horrifying than they sound. Everything is drawn in a freaky way, so you might have a feeling that you are living a dream of a schizophrenic. The drawing is not just wacky, it is sick! So sick that it looks really great, to say the truth. And you will never confuse Baldi with any other game. Ever.

You may say that it is impossible to become popular for a game that doesn’t use any modern technologies. The market is full of well-drawn professionally looking 3D titles, why would someone play this? A disgusting by today’s criteria product becomes a hit on the web. Today, there is a number of different parts, versions, and modes that tell the same story of Baldi and you trying to avoid him in different ways. For example, there is a second series, where you are no longer locked in school. Now picture is like this: forest, Baldi and you. It is a kind of a picnic there. Baldi has tasks for you here as well. Luckily, this is not math, but still you have all chances to fail them. Gather some sticks to make a fire and try not to make your teacher nervous. If you do, then you know what is going to happen. Enjoy all Baldi’s Basics parts and modes on our platform for free – we have a large list of them and we guarantee that you will have a great fun, checking them one by one! Just don’t get scared too much!