Slime Rancher Games

Slime Rancher is a game where you will discover a new, rather unusual and yet impossible type of farming – breeding slimes on an alien planet. You will have to learn everything about their diet, different kinds of them and how to merge these kinds to get new, even more productive and expensive species. This is going to be a real extraterrestrial adventure and a thrilling experience!

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Why slimes and what are they actually?

Getting out into the open space and traveling to distant planets has been the dream of humans since it was discovered that Earth isn’t flat and spins around the sun. In this game, this cherished future has come. Moreover, the mankind gained a foothold far beyond the reaches of the Solar System and started colonizing other celestial bodies. Like this strange planet inhabited by slimes that produce a highly valuable resource – plorts. These plorts are the main ingredient of the spaceship fuel, so if you manage to set up your slime rancho and run it successfully, you can consider your future all set. But, as usual, doing it is not as simple as may seem to an unexperienced extraterrestrial farmer…

An introduction to slime ranching

So, there are several types of slimes in Slime Rancher. At first, you’ll gain access only to the most common ones. The good thing about them is that they’re not particularly picky about food (on that later) and can be bred in large quantities. The bad thing is that the plorts they generate are also rather cheap, so you won’t get much of an income from them. But it can be a good start until you can afford more capricious and plort-efficient slimes.

They can be obtained either during your outings to the surrounding lands where you can pick them right in the grass or off trees of unearthly colors – or by cross-breeding the slimes you already have at your farm. In that case, the new species will produce plorts of two different types at a time – of course, if you feed them the right food. Yes, slimes don’t eat just anything, they have clear gastronomic preferences, and learning them is crucial to having a successful slime rancho. The food of the right kind can, again, be picked up outside or grown right at the farm. And one more thing – beware of the highly dangerous man-eating slimes that lurk in the wild! Well, know that you know the basics, you can start playing Slime Rancher online and discover your own secrets of this new and exciting occupation!