FNAF Games

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Can you hear someone scratching the door? What are those strange noises in the ventilation system? It seems like you ...
See this teddy bear? His name is Freddy. He can sing and dance if you turn the key in his mechanic back. But that's ...
When night falls, evil beings crawl out of their shelter to terrorize helpless people. Sometimes they come in the face ...
What do you think can happen to you in an empty pizza house closed for the night? At worst, you can become a casualty ...
Freddy the Bear as well as his adorable friends-animatronics will never leave you alone. If you thought that a night ...
There is something wrong about the animatronic animals in Freddy’s pizza house. And you will find out what exactly! ...
So much fun is waiting for you in this VR version of 5 Nights at Freddy’s! Toys, sweets, pizza parties, and enjoyment ...

What is wrong with this golden-fur teddy bear? It seems to be just a cute toy that can dance and sing when you turn the key in its back. But it’s much more than that. Nobody knows how it happened, but something clicked in the wired mind of this animatronic and he sprang to life. But nothing remained of his good nature… At night, he wakes up as a terrible monster who jumps off his shelf and roams the pizzeria in search of a new victim. Luckily, all doors are securely closed and Freddy can’t get out. But there is one person in the building who is in danger. And that’s you!


Haunted by evil toys


The main character of FNAF games is a night guard named Mike. He was hired to work in the highly popular pizza house known for its animatronics that are so loved by the visitors. Of course, nobody coming here in the daylight has any idea of what happens inside when the sun goes down! Mike found that out the hard way. And now he has to survive through five nights, surrounded by this horrible walking and grinning dolls that want his blood. Does he have any chance of staying alive? That depends on his wits and ingenuity. Surely, he doesn’t stand a chance if he runs into one of the animatronics openly – they will just rip him apart. This is a fat way worse than death because then they will stuff him into the costume of a huge bear and turn him into one of them… If you don’t want to end up like this, you have to think on the go and do your best to fend off the crazy toys until the break of dawn when the dark magic will wear off and they will become just dolls again!


Make it through the night or die!


So what can our character do to protect his life? He has a few means to do that at his disposal. They vary from game to game, in some versions the hero also has weapons that he can use against his enemies. But the basic things are security cameras through which you can monitor the movements of the animatronics, remotely controlled doors that you can close and open at will to keep the wicked toys at bay and a flashlight that will help you illuminate dark corners when the power goes down. And that will happen sooner or later – the electricity supply isn’t endless. You have to use it wisely if you don’t want to stay without any energy to control the doors just halfway through the night. Hold on as long as you can, try to make it through five nights in a row and make sure Freddy and his evil friends don’t get to you before the sunrise!