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Everyone knows the age-old Bible legend according to which Adam and Eve were the first people to ever populate earth. And even more – they were the only people on the planet. That accounts for the eager wish of the characters to stick together in Adam and Eve games. After all, if they lose each other, they’ll be doomed to a very lonely existence. And they won’t be able to continue our kind, so you have to make sure they’re back together as soon as possible! That won’t be so easy – to find his Eve, Adam will have to overcome zillions of obstacles and travel basically all over the world. But under your watchful guidance, he’ll definitely reach his goal and fall into the arms of his beloved who is waiting for him somewhere far away, on the other end of the globe!

On the way to Eve

As befits the first man, Adam looks quite shaggy and untidy. He has some skin wrapped around his naked body, a disheveled hair and a huge beard. And he walks barefoot although that doesn’t seem to bother him much – footwear just hasn’t been invented yet. Eve is way more trimmed up and attractive, which is no surprise given that it’s Adam who has to do all the roaming and traveling to reconnect with her while she is sitting and waiting in a cozy cave. Well, that’s just the fate of every true man! If you cope with all the challenges successfully, you’ll be rewarded by a cordial embrace and a hot kiss from your soulmate. But it’s too early to dream of it yet! You still have to go through a great number of dangers and obstacles that are waiting for you on the way to your woman. These trials will be very versatile and exciting to keep you interested throughout the gameplay.

Obstacles, challenges and incredible adventures!

On his journey, Adam will experience all kinds of fascinating adventures. He will have to choose the best possible route to get over the mountains, come up with ways to cross rivers and swamps, clear his path of obstructions and concoct various methods of escaping captivity. He will encounter plenty of funny characters – some of them will be friendly and will even help the main hero in his searches while others will show quite a hostile attitude. You’d better keep your eyes peeled! But Adam is willing to expose himself to any risks and threats for the sake of being with his Eve. And that’s so romantic! Enjoy the vibrant graphics, addictive gameplay and a huge number of gripping levels playing this amazing series of games online!