Ice Scream Games

There is something intriguing about the game plots that feature unexpected antagonists. Some of them represent our neighbors as maniacs, the others tell stories about the clowns that turn to be serial killers. The main feature of such a plot is anxiety that rises within us when we suddenly realize that someone or something that never seemed dangerous, becomes killing. This is an interesting twist and all of such plots are always successful.

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Do you know the ice-cream seller? Near you appeared one of them with a van of ice cream. However the children are not ...
The evil ice cream man is on the loose again! This time you managed to find out where he takes all the children he is ...
You are going to meet the nasty ice cream seller once again. Now he is pretty serious about kidnapping you, just like ...
Ice Scream 4
Have you ever dreamt of entering the ice cream van? This amazing car full of sweet treats that seems like a real heaven ...
Ice Scream 3
Here is the second part of a challenging puzzle-horror game about your adventures in the scary van of an ice-cream ...
The latest and most exciting part of Ice Cream horror game will surely make you shiver! While the previous series were ...
Are you ready to become a character of the real horror novel similar to classical stories of Stephen King? The motive ...

The game we have for you in this section is not an exclusion. This is Ice Cream Horror, the title where will meet a violent man in a suit of an ice cream seller. Nothing will seem strange in him once you see this smiling man. However, the next moment, you will become his victim, so keep your eyes open.

Ice Cream: One of the best horrors of the last decade

Indeed, there is something very special about this amazing game. Here you will find yourself in the role of a young kid who plays in the yard along with his neighbor. It is hot summer out there, so both of you decide that nothing could gladden you more than a cold and sweet ball of ice cream. Luckily (or not really), the ice cream van is in town and you decide to visit Rod, its maker and seller. You run to the small colorful truck and start choosing the ice cream, but suddenly you realize that you are standing alone there. Where is your buddy? Oh no, you see him locked in the large piece of ice and Rod is taking him in the darkness of his van. God only knows, what does that supposed to mean, but there is only one thing you understand clearly – nothing good is waiting for both of you! You rush to the rescue and find yourself inside of the mysterious van that seems to be larger from within… It is dark there, and you understand that there are numerous rooms and sections you will have to check to find your buddy and maybe some previous victims of the horrible liar – Rod.

Amazing puzzles and unique atmosphere

This cool horror title is different from all the others because it perfectly combines both – amazing intellectual puzzles to crack and real horror scenes. When moving around the van, you need to unlock various locations and objects solving the tasks. The game has a large pack of smart logical puzzles for you, so fans of complicated games will surely adore Ice Cream. You are welcome to choose the level of complexity and try your skills to see if you can pass the hardest! During the process, you should avoid meeting Rod, because he is going to freeze and kill you like all the other kids. If this happens, than there will be nobody to save these poor things! Do your best, solve the tasks, find your buddy, and run away from that hellish van before it is too late! You will never eat ice cream again!