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One of the most popular and widely-accepted online multiplayers is Counter Strike, a cool shooting title where you need to oppose the team of rivals and move to the victory. Using different types of weapons, from guns to riffles, you will have to make your way through a crowd of severe enemies and complete the mission. The task you need to fulfill depends on the side you choose.

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CS:GO 1.6
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CS:GO 2020

There are two options here – you can play for a team that represents the government, a team of soldiers of a special squad, hired to save the city from ruination and help captured people get out. You know that the enemies have settled a bomb, but you don’t know where exactly. The time is limited – you need to find the bomb and prevent the explosion before it is too late. Also, you have no idea what are the terrorists’ plans about the captured people. They are in danger and you need to hurry up and save them as fast as possible. On the other hand, playing as a representative of the other team, which is a squad of terrorists, you have to bring chaos and fear to this place.

In the process of playing, you will have to cooperate with members of your team and act together to defeat the enemies. Your task is to unite your powers and learn how to use your skills and combine them efficiently. Wandering around the map, you will find different features and items that will help you improve your attack and defense. The battle will grow more and more tough while the game time moves on. No matter what team you play for, you have to be careful and attentive to save your life and win the battle. The shooting game is a survival one and only a single team will gain victory in the end of a battle. Let it be your team!

On this site, you will find all available versions and parts of famous Counter Strike. Not only you will find the games, but also mods, hacks, and cool add-ons that will make your playing experience truly unique. What is more, all of these features, as well as the games, come for free. You can launch them online and enjoy the unlimited free access to unblocked versions of CS titles at any time. Feel free to come to our platform whenever you feel so, check the new uploads we provide – be sure that we will deliver the best and the high-quality full versions of all games that appear on the market. Be the first among all of your friends to play these games and enjoy! The CS titles are perfect when played in team, so call your palls and play together as much as you want to. This is something you have been looking for – unlimited entertainment!