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Gacha Life is a thrilling anime universe where you can create your own characters and go through fabulous adventures with them. This project will be especially attractive to young players as there are a lot of creative opportunities here. The first step is to develop your own personage. This stage will take time as you will deal with literally hundreds of options. You can experiment with hairstyle, facial features, outfits and accessories.

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Make your own world for the heroes of yours with Gacha Life 1.1.4 Here you can become the cute anime characters ...
Take part in the Gacha Club for the fashionable shows and bright parties together with anime styled characters. The ...
What can be better than living a life of your wildest? Not everything goes as planned in real world, but in Gacha Life ...
Looking for the best place in the Internet where you can create, play, have fun, and communicate with same-thinkers? ...
Gacha Club
Looking for the best dressing title ever? What about the one created in an anime-style? You’ve got it! Gacha Life is a ...
Gacha Life

Try to select the most interesting elements and combine them in a way to come up with a unique character! You can take your heroes to studio and organize a thrilling photoshoot to share with other players. Now it is time to start exploring an endless world of Gacha Life!

There are many locations here – visit them all and meet other anime characters to interact with them. One of the thrilling features of this playground is that you can create your own adventures – invent different scenes and even throw cool parties. Just check what elements are available in the menu and start experimenting! Also, Gacha world is full of interesting mini-games. Here, you will have to complete the tasks that will test your logic, speed and attentiveness. If you cope with them, you will earn bonuses that you can use to buy rare outfits for your characters. There are many thrilling activities in this fabulous universe – do not miss your chance to become a part of it. A lot of funny moments are awaiting you here!