Human Fall Flat Games

Welcome to the only place where laws of reality don’t work and you can do whatever you want – your dreams. To be precise, it’s not exactly your dreams, it’s something another guy named Bob sees while sleeping. He constantly dreams of surrealistic landscapes packed with puzzles that he needs to crack to wake up.

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Bob is a nice guy, but he happens to be a lunatic. He can fall asleep almost anywhere and keep walking - most often to ...
Have you ever had a dream you couldn't get out of? That's what happened to the hero of this wacky game where you'll ...
We all know that if we fall from some cliff or high building, we will land flat and it's not going to end well for us. ...
This one is a really surrealistic experience, where physics and strange environment give you a sense of being somewhere ...

The whole thing becomes even more challenging because Bob is unable to stand on his feet firmly and literally floats on air. The exploration of the open world and your own smarts are the key to success because every solution you can come up with can turn out to be right!

Explore your dreams, solve tricky puzzles!

The first thing you need to do is to master Bob’s movements. He can walk (sometimes even straight), climb, carry and pull things, interact with different objects and even break them. You’re going to be in full control of your character, there are no scenarios you must follow – just idle roaming and complete freedom. The levels are amazingly design and fully interactive. So when you see any item, you should immediately start thinking how you can use it. Moreover, you’ll find out that laws of physics still work on these bizarre locations. That means there is still some order in how things function here and if you put enough thought into it, you can get to any place you want and solve any task. There will be no shortage of them – the game is basically a sequence of puzzles that challenge your intellect. One false decision – and Bob will fall. But don’t be in a hurry to scream, it’s the dream world after all, so our charming stumbling hero won’t die. You’ll just have to replay the level – and you can learn from your mistakes.

Fool around with friends!

Aside from enjoying your loony journey all on your own, you can also try coop mode to share the fun with friends. Join your efforts in brainstorming or simply goof off in the craziest ways possible hours and hours non-stop! Besides, the more Bobs the more fun. If you ever saw eight Bobs being catapulted into nowhere at the same time, few other things can shock you. And just to add a bit more madness to it, you can also personalize your character. Take a glance into our hero’s wardrobe – it’s full of ridiculous costumes. You can dress him up as a builder, cosmonaut, tourist, ninja and even dog. All parts of Bob’s body are customizable – any shape and color of your choice. You can change his hair, regulate the size of his hands and feet and even add a few tattoos to make him look cooler. Play Human Fall Flat online and discover more!